Baptism of James Sander-Cederlof

Here are some pictures of my baptism. Hover over any picture to see the title of the picture.

Before James can be baptized (or do anything else for that matter), he always attends to the business of pleasing his stomach.

We all went to Del Taco for lunch. This is Jeff's mom Linda.

Here's Anna drinking her soda with Grandma.

Even Cousin Steve is on hand for the big occasion (at least for the portion of the event that includes eating).

James is in his swim suit and is ready to go!

On this day there were many other people ready to publicly announce their commitment to Jesus along with our guest of honor.

James begins his journey from the shade to the pool.

It is now James turn. He is getting wet.

James is in the water with Pastor Jerel and Pastor Jackie from Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel located in Yucca Valley, California.

James was given a chance to say a few words. He thanked Jesus for being crucified on his behalf.

His speech wasn't exactly brief.

Pastor Jackie prays for James before they dunk him.

James gets a lot of prayer. (Some would say that is because he needs it.)

And just like that, it is over.

Here's James after the big event. Soakin' wet.

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