Jan 17 2009

Don’t Worry, I Was Wearing Clean Underwear

The other day, I was involved in an auto accident. I can tell you it was not as fun as it sounds. Luckily it was not my fault.

There were only two people involved in the accident. There was the driver of the vehicle that hit me and me. No other people got involved in the wreck, although there were a lot of safety personnel there as the other person called 911 right after the accident occurred.

I had just left the church after talking to the pastor. I get together with him every week to discuss things on my mind and to keep me accountable for my actions. It was my idea to want the accountability, not his.

We had talked about anger and how I handled one particular incident at a fast food place. I had told him how I handled the situation without getting angry, and how it was resolved to my satisfaction. Earlier in my life (not too long ago) I would have gotten angry and said and done things that would not have been appropriate for any circumstance.

God allowed the accident to occur; He did not make the accident occur. Everything God allows to happen is for a reason. He might have had several reasons for this accident to occur, but I think one reason was to allow a situation to happen to see if what I say I do is really what I would do.

I did not get angry with the other person after the accident. I was not happy the accident happened, but I was not angry. I was physically hurt, but I was able to talk to the lady calmer than I could talk to a fast food employee who gave me the wrong size cup.

I had to go to the hospital to get checked out to ensure I did not break any bones and to ensure internal organs were not affected. You see, I was not driving a vehicle when the accident occurred. I was riding my power wheelchair. That power wheelchair is now in multiple pieces.

I was hit as I was crossing a side street. I got to experience flight as the power wheelchair snapped and I remained buckled to the seat. Without being buckled to the seat, I am not sure which direction I may have flown.

No broken bones, and no blood. I only got a few scrapes on on my left elbow. I did have to get my glasses adjusted slightly. They flew off since they were not belted to my head. I do have a few stiff muscles currently.

What does this translate to? I think it translates that God wanted to protect me from harm. I could have died since my head was unprotected. Apparently He wants me here for a while longer. I was able to look at the lady and tell her that it was not the end of the world that the accident happened, and that I was still alive. I told her even if I had died it would have been okay, since I would then be in heaven.

The accident may have happened, and it may have taken my comfortable feeling away for a while, but it did not take my joy.

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