Jul 17 2008

The Anti-Christ

I have figured out the answer to the question of the Anti-Christ. He is real and he is among us. It took me only six hours to figure out the answer. After six hours of dealing with the bank, I solved it.

No, it is not the bank, although the bank does play a part in it. It all started so calm and peaceful like. I dialed the bank to check on a few things. Six hours later I finally got the answers to my questions.

After the first few moments of the peaceful bliss things got ugly. I started getting upset that they kept telling me how much they valued me as a customer. They kept telling me over and over how much they valued me. I kept listening to them telling me this while getting really irritated at them. After ten minutes I was starting to go beyond irritation.

Finally, I got a call from the bank while I was on hold with them. I picked up that call, after hanging up from being on hold for so long. This was the brief survey I had agreed to take part in from the previous call I had made to them and, after being on hold for a while had been hung up on from their systen.

While partaking in their brief survey, they prompted me to press 1 through 5 as answers to their questions, based on how pleased I was with their service. On some questions I couldn’t answer that I wasn’t pleased because they would not accept the button press for that question. I would double check to ensure I had pressed the correct button, but they just wouldn’t accept the answer.

I never actually got to speak to a live person for six hours. After the telephone banker answered and said hello to me, I actually asked him if he was alive. I had to double check that I was speaking with something (or someone) that could actually engage in intgelligent conversation.

You see, for six hours I was talking to the Anti-Christ. For six hours I had been pushing buttons trying to get to a live person who could assist me answering my questions. I was really sick of pushing buttons in response to the automated telephone system that could not assist me.

Yes folks, the Anti-Christ is real, and he is among us. Spend six hours pressing buttons to answer the automated telephone systems, and you will agree.

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