Sep 16 2007

Parenting: No Skills Required

People have begun to show their lack of critical thinking again. Nintendo has plans to release a shell for their Wii Remote and Nunchuk attachment. This attachment will once again allow the gamers to be immersed in the game play. So far, there does not seem to be anything wrong with this plan, and people applaud Nintendo for their efforts. Then, they learn what the attachment is being named. It is the Wii Zapper.

A New Jersey newspaper asked people what they thought about the Wii releasing a gun attachment to play games with. Several people made comments how it was a bad idea and that the Wii should not release the attachment. Right there, we have begun our trip into TLOCT.

What is TLOCT, you ask? Well, that is “Their Lack Of Critical Thinking.” Yes, you see Nintendo manufactures the Wii. The people working for Nintendo make the things associated with the Wii. The Wii will release nothing. Things are released for the Wii. They are released by companies, in this case, Nintendo.

The next step in our trip into TLOCT comes from thinking this is the only gun attachment released for a console. All of the recent and consoles had controllers molded in specific patterns. Some were molded to look like weapons. People think that these controllers will make our children into maniacs who want only to kill other people. When the original NES came out, it had a Zapper controller (and hence their decision to entitle the current shell “Wii Zapper”). Many people played games that used that controller, and they did not go on to be lunatics who murdered people in real life.

Nintendo is releasing the shell, but the shell is not required to play any of the games. This leads to the next step in our trip into TLOCT. Parenting. As an adult, you should be involved in the child’s life. You should know what your child is doing, and be there to control the child. God gave adults the responsibility to bring up the children. Setting limits is part of this responsibility. If you think the child should not use a piece of plastic that resembles the appearance of a gun, make sure the child does not use it. Do not buy it. Along with that, however, ensure the games that the child plays are appropriate. Games have ratings, just like movies. The ratings range from “EC” to “AO”. Learn what those ratings mean, and why the games are given the ratings. Most stores now require adult permission for children to purchase games that are rated “M” if the child is not of the correct age.

Despite this, I see kids wanting, and the adults agreeing to purchase, games that were not intended for the young children to be playing. It is not a lack of the game industry that people end up doing bad things. When the parents do not set the boundaries for the children, we cannot blame someone who tried to ensure those boundaries could be set.

Also, there are many toys the children can buy on their own, without any permission, that these people seem not to have an issue with. Squirt guns, toy swords, toy knives, bows and arrows, are things you can find in a toy department at a store, that can mimic the real things, yet nobody who was criticizing the Wii Zapper brought up how these things should be targeted and those companies stopped. While Nintendo may produce a shell, these toys can be used without any extra things, whereas the Wii Zapper is designed to house the controller and attachment while playing a game.

By the way, I guess we should outlaw body parts. You see, hands, feet, torsos, and heads can be used as a weapon.

But, you say, body parts are okay? Those are things that can really injure or kill someone, while the Wii Zapper was not designed to train someone how to use a gun. This piece of plastic will not behave like a real gun. There is no recoil in this piece of plastic. If I saw this piece of plastic, I would not mistake it for a real gun. By the way, there are already other gun shells for the Wii Remote. Nobody seems to be targeting those, which I can see looking more like the real thing.

Be a parent, be involved. Set the boundaries. Don’t let the babysitter for your kids be the television. Much of TV will teach your kids worse things than how to hold a piece of plastic. Teach the child the difference between real life and make believe. If you are involved in the life, a piece of plastic will not make your child the next serial killer on the prime time news. Use the skills God gave you in being a parent.

One of those skills is critical thinking.

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  1. Rita

    Wow, your post makes mine look fbeele. More power to you!

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