Jul 02 2007

Wrestling With the Truth

Chris Benoit has recently performed a truly terrible act according to the information that has been released to the media. I do not encourage nor like what he has been said to have done. To treat it lightly would be plain wrong. Just as that would be wrong, the other extreme is also wrong. Treating it so heavily that we must pretend that he never existed is just as wrong.

WWE first did a tribute to Benoit on the Monday while events were still being sorted out. On Tuesday events had been sorted out and it was told that Benoit had killed his wife and young son over the weekend and then proceeded to hang himself after those murders. Because of the way the events unfolded, WWE proceeded to take down any tributes to Benoit, and any references to him on their website. Granted, this is their choice to do so, but pretending he never existed is going too far.

When Eddie Guerrero died suddenly, they did a tribute to him, and left that tribute up for a long time, along with references to him, such as his biography and other things they normally post for the wrestlers. Now, the reason Eddie died was because of drug use. He was not currently using drugs when he died, but throughout the years that he was abusing the drugs, he put his body in a situation where it could not recover from that abuse.

So, they are willing to let someone be honored and remembered for using and abusing drugs, but the murder-suicide means the person can never exist. Both things are wrong, folks. They are both sins to God. One sin does not weigh heavier to God than the other. A sin is a sin.

We should remember the good things both wrestlers did in their lives, while not honoring the sins that lead to their death. Facts have yet to be uncovered as to why Benoit did the acts he did. He tested negative for drugs when WWE did the latest drug tests on him. This does not exclude other prescription drugs that may have been abused and led him to these acts. Claiming it was steroids that caused his actions has not been determined yet, so when the media jumps to this conclusion, that is misleading. Not every wrestler has abused drugs, and there are some that are proud to be known as people who haven’t used drugs.

When the facts come in and we can tell more why he may have done those things, then we can be free to say the truth. Part of that truth is he existed. When he wrestled, he was good. Other wrestlers paid tribute to him during the tribute night that was given to him. The WWE feels the best way to handle this situation is to pretend the person did not exist.

He just happened to be a person who made a bad choice. If we pretend that anyone who makes a bad choice never existed, there would be no one left in existence. What we need to do is learn something from his actions, and grant him the existence he had.

If God allowed him to exist, why shouldn’t we?

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    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly tahnfkul for your help.

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