Mar 27 2007


I have been reading and watching the news more. While this represents a good thing, it also shows me just how much humanity is in need of God, yet refusing to let God be God.

I generally read the news on either the AP News section on my site, or the AP News through my Nintendo Wii through the News Channel. If I watch the news, it’s the afternoon news on the TV. It’s amazing how many articles that show up that cry out for God.

Yes, we have people cutting up the people they love into small pieces and then cooking those pieces. How far off does someone have to be for this to seem normal? Can anyone even think for a moment this is right? This just screams out G-O-D in great big letters. Not only do these situations have the people needing God, they require our prayer.

Yes, we need to pray for the people involved that God will intervene and show Himself and they will see the need for the Creator of Life. These people need prayer, as to do such a vile deed like this, they must be hurting deep down inside. They need our prayer that God will heal their pain.

We have custody battles for children. Some people involved are famous, while others are not. Yes, apparently some people don’t follow God’s guidelines He sets forth. These are laid out for a purpose. We shouldn’t have lesbians fighting for custody rights, or countless men claiming to be the father of one child, some of whom are married. G-O-D in big letters once again.

Once again, we need to pray. The children, the only innocent party involved, are the ones getting hurt. We need to pray for them and the people who should be acting like adults.

And yet we can’t teach the Bible in school because the children should not be subjected it, even if it is only for history. No, I think it’s time we inject G-O-D into society again before we repeat this history.

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