Jan 15 2007

Pride of the Family

The other day I began watching Dr. Phil. While the topic of his show does not exactly match this one, there was one point he made that got me thinking. He was discussing the reasons why people are always late. He said that people who are late for everything tend to be arrogant.

Arrogance is something that can hurt. Yes, it can hurt the people around you while it also hurts you. Being proud of your accomplishments is one thing, but when pride goes too far, it can really hurt.

I began to think of my recent episodes with the fast food industry and began to link arrogance to it. I certainly knew how to run the store, and I knew how to do it better than anyone else in the store. If the employees didn’t do things my way, they were clearly wrong. I ended up hurting me and the employees by my arrogance.

Now I understand that I was forcing the world (fast food stores) to conform to my views. It wasn’t just that I wanted them to share my views; I took it further than that. It really bothered me that my food wasn’t ready in two minutes and instead it was ready in two minutes and ten seconds. I got annoyed that the employees would help someone else instead of me, even though I had not been in line waiting for service like the other person.

I had no valid reason for hurting the people I did during the run of arrogance I had. The only reason is because I let God out of that area and let Satan in. God willingly stepped aside for that time because He loves me that much. He watched patiently on the sidelines for me to call Him back in to that area of my life.

After being prompted by the child I wrote about earlier, I called Him back in. Since that time, I have been much happier. I know there are other areas where I need to call Him back in; this is not the only place I need Him. I’m sure He will wait patiently for me in those areas.

He will wait because He loves me that much.

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