Dec 10 2006

Just the FAQs, Sir

I finally decided I had something to contribute to the gaming community at GameFAQs. I have had the Nintendo Wii since November 19, 2006, and for the longest time there was no Wii FAQ available on the site. This kept on for quite a while, until one day a FAQ was put up describing Networking setups. Well, as I had no issues getting the Wii to work with any network I tried, this FAQ did not offer a great deal to me, however, I do think it serves a purpose.

After a few more days, a hardware FAQ was posted on the site. I began reading the FAQ, and noticed how there were things listed that didn’t hold true for the North American area, so my mind began to turn. I looked at the ASCII art the author had done, and thought, “I can do that.” So I did.

I started with just a picture of the Wii Remote and added necessary text to describe things about the remote. Soon I thought of more items to add to this simple text document, and off I went. Over the course of a week I had enough content for the FAQ. I had been battling for submission to the GameFAQs site over what they thought enough content should be.

I didn’t want to add things that would amount to just “filler,” so I gradually added enough important detail in the FAQ that I was happy with as a starting point. Once the detail had been added, I now had a new struggle at the site. Since there was an FAQ posted on the site, I had to show why mine should be posted. After a few moments of ranting to myself why my FAQ should be posted, I collected myself and submitted it again with an explanation of why I felt it deserved to be posted.

After reviewing my FAQ again, and with the comments I posted with it, the FAQ was posted on the site. I had already decided it was going to be posted on my site, because I felt I had spent a long time and a lot of energy into that document. Even if no one else deemed it worthy to be on their site, I deemed it worthy to be on mine.

I have had people sending me emails about the FAQ already, some of which were for needed corrections or clarifications, while some others were to ask me for permission to post the FAQ on their site. I am just happy people are reading it. Hopefully, it has been a benefit to those who have read it. If you would like to read it, again, it is posted on my site, and you may feel free to ask questions about it.

Where this experience may lead to, I don’t know. I may contribute more things to GameFAQs now that I know my work wasn’t for nothing. Maybe I’ll just have more articles here if they don’t deem them long enough or they think there are already too many articles on the topic. I’d like to think that someday there will be something else that I’ll know enough about to contribute to that site.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know everything about everything. While I continue to express my thoughts and opinons here, I’ll look to be able to help others with the knowledge I do have.

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