Dec 23 2006

It Took a Child

I’d like to recount the experience where I believe the turning point came in my happiness level. Unfortunately, it was also a point that was really sad. The one thing I can say about it is, with what transpired, God changed for good what Satan destined for bad.

One day at Jack In the Box, I went through the drive-thru and ordered food. Along with this food order, I wanted to put money on their pre-paid food card. This, after all, would make my life easier for the times to come when I get food. Well, things did not turn out so simple in the long run.

The cashier tried to take my money, which was to be taken from my bank card, but started having problems. Upon trying to take the money several times, and appearing to be unsuccessful, I got concerned. After getting my food I had ordered, I left, and then checked with my bank. The bank told me multiple transactions had taken place, and they had deducted the money from my account.

Now, I was getting angry. I proceeded to enter the building, while getting angrier. I then wanted to speak to management, and got to speak to the crew shift leader. She began to tell me how I was wrong, and that nothing had happened to my money. This did not sit well with me.

After trying to get her to understand that my bank just told me multiple transactions had taken place, she still did not want to believe me. I let her talk to my bank. She still didn’t believe me. I began to get furious.

I then began to say things that shouldn’t have been said, and at a loud volume. I realize now these things shouldn’t have been said, but at that point I had been through a lot of problems with fast food places, and I let my anger burst out, so where I was no longer in control.

Things were said and done on both sides that weren’t right, but that does not justify what I did. My attitude began to change on that day, but it wasn’t because of the store employees. It was a far more innocent thing.

It was the child sitting in the lobby who was there to see and hear me behaving like I shouldn’t have done. The mother was there to point out that there were children in the store. The child said nothing, but what the child didn’t say meant more than what the mother did say.

It took a child, who I saw, to bring me to reality. How I had been acting was not the way God desired. God decided to use a child to help change me.

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