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Jul 02 2007

Wrestling With the Truth

Chris Benoit has recently performed a truly terrible act according to the information that has been released to the media. I do not encourage nor like what he has been said to have done. To treat it lightly would be plain wrong. Just as that would be wrong, the other extreme is also wrong. Treating …

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Mar 27 2007


I have been reading and watching the news more. While this represents a good thing, it also shows me just how much humanity is in need of God, yet refusing to let God be God. I generally read the news on either the AP News section on my site, or the AP News through my …

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Nov 15 2006

Family Man

The other day while watching the news, one particular topic caught my attention. I heard how the gays and lesbians were upset that they were being “denied” rights in Israel. My thoughts on it? Good. Let’s keep the Holy Land holy. I don’t fear homosexuals. Just because I don’t fear them doesn’t mean I have …

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Nov 07 2006

Mr. President

I only have to survive this day. After today, I don’t have to worry about the political commercials for a while. I tired of hearing how one candidate screwed this other person, or how they screwed the state. I can figure out if I’m screwed or not; what I’d like to know is how the …

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Nov 04 2006

The Dish on Cable

There seems to be an endless debate over whether to buy in to Satellite TV or Cable TV. Listening to the commercials, both ways to go are the cheapest. I guess it must be true; two things vying for our money are cheaper than their competitor. If the two things are cheaper than each other, …

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Oct 24 2006

Lawyers In Love

Well, here we are again at commercials. Not just any commercials, but lawyer commercials. You know the type; “If you are dead, please call us so we can get you more money than you could ever spend.” or “If you took this drug and then forgot how to speak any language, call us so we …

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