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Jan 17 2009

Don’t Worry, I Was Wearing Clean Underwear

The other day, I was involved in an auto accident. I can tell you it was not as fun as it sounds. Luckily it was not my fault. There were only two people involved in the accident. There was the driver of the vehicle that hit me and me. No other people got involved in …

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Jul 02 2007

Wrestling With the Truth

Chris Benoit has recently performed a truly terrible act according to the information that has been released to the media. I do not encourage nor like what he has been said to have done. To treat it lightly would be plain wrong. Just as that would be wrong, the other extreme is also wrong. Treating …

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Mar 27 2007


I have been reading and watching the news more. While this represents a good thing, it also shows me just how much humanity is in need of God, yet refusing to let God be God. I generally read the news on either the AP News section on my site, or the AP News through my …

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Jan 15 2007

Pride of the Family

The other day I began watching Dr. Phil. While the topic of his show does not exactly match this one, there was one point he made that got me thinking. He was discussing the reasons why people are always late. He said that people who are late for everything tend to be arrogant. Arrogance is …

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Dec 23 2006

It Took a Child

I’d like to recount the experience where I believe the turning point came in my happiness level. Unfortunately, it was also a point that was really sad. The one thing I can say about it is, with what transpired, God changed for good what Satan destined for bad. One day at Jack In the Box, …

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Nov 15 2006

Family Man

The other day while watching the news, one particular topic caught my attention. I heard how the gays and lesbians were upset that they were being “denied” rights in Israel. My thoughts on it? Good. Let’s keep the Holy Land holy. I don’t fear homosexuals. Just because I don’t fear them doesn’t mean I have …

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Nov 13 2006

Doing Things Right

Well, recently I have been doing some things right, and I think I feel happier, perhaps to those little things. I guess I haven’t paid attention to it, but I just realized I am happy. A few simple things can add up. Every month, I tithe to my church. It’s not a lot compared to …

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Nov 12 2006

Death In The Womb

Well, let’s face it. I am a man. From the time of my birth, I have been a male. Contrary to what some people may tell you, I can have an opinion on subjects. Touchy subjects. Today I would like to touch abortion. Just how does a life start? Yes, when two people hook up …

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Nov 03 2006

Christmas In July

Folks, I remember when we would be past Thanksgiving before starting Christmas shopping. Now, however the day to start shopping for Christmas is December 26. We can’t get through one holiday without the stores wanting us to shop for Christmas. Why can’t we get through one holiday without Christmas shopping being pushed on us? We …

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Oct 23 2006

Spiritual Leaders

Well folks, I’d say God is a pretty good judge of character. He knows our thoughts, our desires, before we know them. He knows what He wants in our spiritual leaders. He also has laid it out for us in the Bible, just so we can’t say He never told us. Our leaders should be …

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