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Sep 16 2007

Parenting: No Skills Required

People have begun to show their lack of critical thinking again. Nintendo has plans to release a shell for their Wii Remote and Nunchuk attachment. This attachment will once again allow the gamers to be immersed in the game play. So far, there does not seem to be anything wrong with this plan, and people …

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Jul 02 2007

Wrestling With the Truth

Chris Benoit has recently performed a truly terrible act according to the information that has been released to the media. I do not encourage nor like what he has been said to have done. To treat it lightly would be plain wrong. Just as that would be wrong, the other extreme is also wrong. Treating …

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Dec 10 2006

Just the FAQs, Sir

I finally decided I had something to contribute to the gaming community at GameFAQs. I have had the Nintendo Wii since November 19, 2006, and for the longest time there was no Wii FAQ available on the site. This kept on for quite a while, until one day a FAQ was put up describing Networking …

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Nov 16 2006

Console Wars

Folks, I’ve been quite amazed today. The Playstation 3 hit North America today. Sony released around 400,000 units over here from what I’ve heard. Mass riots will probably happen around the country as stores release their insignificant quantities. Some stores will release less than ten, where they had reservations for twenty or more. Since there …

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